Nowadays, the debate about the ‘best gym’ or ‘the best fitness class’ cannot be resolved, since never before have we (exercise enthusiasts) had more choice. With thousands of gyms, and fitness classes, across the United States and Europe, selecting a suitable training destination can be overwhelming, and that’s why we are here to help.

Our Guide

An ideal gym or fitness class should be in a convenient location, well-equipped, and not overcrowded. If the folks inside there are nice, well, that is a bonus. If the gym is located in a casino resort, and the facilities are clean, those too are extra bonus points. Our guide contains a list of some of the best gyms and fitness classes in Europe, and the United States, based on these factors.

Finding an ideal gym or fitness class involves several things, including one’s perfect type of workout, social atmosphere, location, and essential amenities.

Ideal Workout Type

Are you a weightlifter, a muscle builder, a boxer, or a runner? Your career, or goal, is perhaps what determines the kind of exercise that you will want to do. Yoga and spin classes are ideal for anybody who wants to improve their flexibility and power output. If you need the power to lift heavy objects, then strength training should be your pick.


Driving a long distance to your workout destination is an absurd thing, which can kill your exercise morale. Hence, location is critical when it comes to picking a great gym. If you’re that guy who travels a lot but doesn’t want to switch gyms, then you can opt for video-guided workout sessions, which allow you to train remotely. Just make sure there are no distractions to divert your attention from the mat.

Social Atmosphere

A single day in a gym could be enough to determine the kind of atmosphere in there. You will want to keep an eye on how people interact with one another; do they know each other by names? What is their body language like? If you see everyone in the room acting like a lone wolf, that should tell you something.

Most people that exercise, especially women, like group classes, because of the motivation the setting provides. Of course, men enjoy taking yoga or spin classes in an environment full of women; that alone is enough to raise their heart rate. That said, however, there are those exercisers whose anything ‘group’ is not their thing. Such people prefer a personal one-on-one, with an instructor. You will want to make sure that a class offers this if you’re this type of person.

Essential Amenities

This is undoubtedly the most critical factor to consider when choosing a gym. A gym cannot be a vacuum; it must have amenities, and even an old-school gym for pounding beef slabs has a few machines and iron. If you’re looking for a modern gym with group classes, digital fitness trackers, post-workout nutrition bars, and other facilities of the modern era, then there are plenty of gyms that offer that. However, you may need to pay a premium to get this kind of experience.

At a Glance

A great gym is critical for your fitness needs. If you’ve come across lots of gyms, but have not been able to nail down one that suits you, then you should be able to get out of that situation after reading our guide. Whether you’re looking for a gym located in a casino resort, or any other location, you will find all that on our site. We have also sampled a few great classes that you can join, to take your fitness a notch higher