Everyone has their own thoughts about what makes a good gym, depending on fitness goals. If you’re looking to bulk up, your gym activities will be completely different, from those of a person who is after slimming down. Although gym enthusiasts can turn anywhere into a makeshift fitness centre, many modern gyms have something special; they are made for you. If you’re in Europe and are looking to break into a sweat, you can visit the following cool places.

Third Space

Located in London, Third Space is a luxury gym consisting of several fitness clubs spread across the capital. Whether you’re visiting Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, Soho, or Marylebone, you’re sure to find Third Space in any of these places. As a member of these clubs, you’re entitled to your own concierge. As if this is not enough, you can go for the VIP access. Here, you will be entitled to special treatment, including laundered gym kits, and massage chairs. With all these goodies, this gym can spoil any fitness enthusiast around London.

Genesis Gym

The property of a former British commando, Dave Beattie, who is also famed as a powerlifter, Genesis Gym is not for wussies. If you have a bit of a bite to your workout routine, then this fitness centre is for you. Boasting some of the best equipment that can be found in a gym, Genesis pulls a crowd of those who are serious about the art of exercising. Strength training, and bulking up, tend to be the most noticeable specialities of this gym. As a matter of fact, the Rock trained in this gym when he was bulking up for one of the biggest hits in the film industry, Fast and Furious. However, this does not mean that there are no other programmes at the gym. There is some cool stuff worth diving into, as long as you’re in London.

2012 Olympic Athlete Training Centre

This is just another of Europe’s best gyms. This gym has some of the best fitness equipment, having acted as the training centre for the 2012 Olympic Games. From treadmills to weights, it has everything. Right in the back of the gym is “Beat’s Room”, where you can relax and listen to your favourite music hits. Yes, there are many training centres for the Olympic Games in the United Kingdom, but this particular one stands out.

La Belle Equipe

With a boutique-like look, this gym oozes chic, which is a rare phenomenon in the world of fitness. La Belle Equipe is located in Paris, and you will experience the Parisian charm filling the cosy walls of the gym during your workout. This establishment evokes the calmness needed during training, featuring a blend of an uncluttered décor, and light paint. If you’re a busy client, there are special classes to help you deal with things like fatigue, self-confidence, stress, and other symptoms of a hectic lifestyle.

Hydropark Gym

Located in Ukraine, this gym is actually unique and has been included on this list because the best gyms are not determined by equipment only. And you guessed it, Hydropark is a water-themed gym, situated in a place full of beaches, giving you an opportunity to enjoy other attractions (boating etc.). With about 200 weightlifting stations, this area is a perfect stop for anyone who wants to build up.

Das Gym

Want a serious gym where weight is almost everything? Welcome to Das. A mecca of training, with a “strongman” area, and large motivational posters, Das Gym is a Vienna-based fitness centre, with an exceptional workout experience. You will soon realise that you are in a serious gym, once you enter the building. No spinning classes, no Pilates here; just pumping iron.