Gyms are like fingerprints; they are seemingly identical, but each one is unique in a real sense. While some excel with personal trainers, others offer group fitness classes. Some excellent gyms take fitness to a whole new level, and this article sets out to recognise them; the best gyms in the United States, seven of them. Whether they are neighbourhood gyms or part of a chain, the rule is the same; they are loved by their customers because they offer outstanding fitness experiences.

Lahaina CrossFit

Besides the beaches and the cocktails, Hawaii has another item on its list of offerings; Lahaina CrossFit gym. The gym is famous for not only the state locals but also visitors. This facility is clean and spacious, and it has an awesome oceanic theme, that sends every customer into a training mood. The coaches are very welcoming, and there is a serene atmosphere, that sweeps across the facility, to ensure you get a fantastic training experience. Want to have a glimpse of a mountain sunrise? Just attend an early class at Lahaina CrossFit.

Equinox South Bay

If you’re after a luxury brand, then Equinox is synonymous with just that. Located in California, this gym offers top-notch luxury; a rooftop pool with three lanes, towels that smell like eucalyptus, and Kiehl’s grooming products. After the fitness classes, there is a state-of-the-art spa, where you will be pampered. Located only a few strides from Los Angeles Airport, this gym is also an ideal destination for those who need to accomplish a workout session before, or after, a flight.

Ride PDX

Did you know that Portland, (Oregon’s largest city), boasts an active biking culture? Ride PDX is partly responsible for this, thanks to the massive cult of cyclists it has created. Here, spin bikes are used, to deliver a full body workout. The gym is famed for its incredibly designed, tough workouts, charismatic trainers, and social atmosphere. If there is one place in Portland with a true indoor cycling studio, it is Ride PDX.

Urban Boxing

Urban Boxing is located in Washington, D.C., and it is perhaps the ultimate boxing gym in the US capital city. With intense yoga, Muay Thai, and boxing classes, this facility allows you to explore mixed martial arts to their fullest. You will undoubtedly be pushed to your limit, by the inspiring instructors, as you learn how to kick or box, which actually prepares you for real-life self-defence.

The Cellar Gym

With world-class instructors of mixed martial arts, some of which have coached dozens of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters, The Cellar Gym is a massive fitness facility. Join kickboxing, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or private classes here. If you just want to engage in rigorous exercise, that is there too. Bring your children along, as the gym also offers a youth training programme.

CrossFit PHX

Owned by Mycal Anders, who holds a fitness and conditioning master’s degree, as well as an impressive sports background, CrossFit PHX certainly scores when it comes to fitness training. Whether you are a newbie or a regular gym exerciser, this is the place to be, as there is an excellent network of supportive coaches and athletes. Both private one-on-one and group workout sessions are available.

Anytime Fitness

This is one of the best, if not the best, fitness centres in Seattle. It is an excellent facility with great classes, clean facilities, and reliable equipment. The gym is well packed, and there is no queuing when it comes to using the equipment, which makes it perfect even for rush-hour exercisers. The staff is perhaps what sets Anytime Fitness apart. They are charming, reliable, and friendly.