Fitness goes hand in hand with body health- the fitter your body becomes, the healthier you grow: fact! This is why fitness classes have become so popular today (as of 2018). In the U.S., there are many fitness classes where friendship, challenge and competition are brought back together. Do students need to get out of their comfort zone? Yes, since it is the kick they need to get out of their fitness mess. Here are some of the top workout classes you can join in the U.S. They are tough as hell, can serve as a means to meet your fitness goals, and can help you in your usual regimen (running, cycling, strength training, etc.). Whether you’re looking to drop fat, build muscle, or win a race, these classes will make it happen.

Swerve Fitness

This class consists of rhythm rides that last 45 to 60 minutes. In this class, students are divided into three teams to bring out an element of competition. The members of each team are required to work in tandem to hit goals. Each individual is required to race through hills and sprints. The class also involves using light dumbbells to do upper body circuits. Swerve helps in fat burning by scorching calories. Despite being an intense class, Swerve is gentle on your joints.

Fight Fit

Fight Fit is a class that teaches the basic techniques of mixed martial arts or MMA while, at the same time, increasing cardio endurance and muscle strength. The class covers shadow kickboxing, bag work, and cardio calisthenics. On top of the basic MMA skills, Fight Fit helps trainees to build a solid core, which helps to accomplish one’s daily tasks. Whether you’re a man or woman, this class is for you as long as you’re looking to complement your weight training with cardio. While the class is involving, you will leave it motivated to hit your goals. The trainers switch up to ensure no two classes are the same, which is critical for breaking monotony.

Yoga Sculpt

Want to reinvigorate and challenge your regular workout routine? Yoga Sculpt is your perfect class. It is a workout that blends yoga, core strengthening, and cardio. Since this class engages weak areas of your body, including hamstrings, pecs, posterior delts, and glutes, it is a challenging workout. Long sitting periods and muscle stretching are common in Yoga Sculpt.

One interesting thing about Yoga Sculpt is the fact that it is ideal for all levels of fitness. Whether you’re a yoga newbie or a seasoned practitioner, this is a class you can dive into.

Team Alpha

Tired of your normal routine? Team Alpha helps you to get out of that by shocking your body’s energy system and elevating your strength. The class includes such things as strength training, athletic movements, and Olympic lifting. The fact that Team Alpha is a group training does very little to prevent you from feeling as if you’re in a personal training. Here, every student gets the attention needed to master both basic and advanced lifts and moves.

People who attend this class never come out the same as they cut fat, become more flexible, gain muscle endurance, and enhance their cardiovascular fitness. Ideally, Team Alpha is a strength training that uses an all-round approach. If you endure training and want to give cross training a go, then Team Alpha should be your pick. Having other people to motivate and support you during the training sessions is an added bonus that will make all the difference in the world. With this class, you have no chance to lose focus on achieving your fitness goals.